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Home Page || El Paso C&D Recycling LEED construction and demolition recycling Home El Paso C&D Recycling Location || El Paso C&D Recycling is committed to green practices and construction and demolition recycling.  LEED AP on staff. Location - El Paso C&D Recycling Fee's -- El Paso C&D Recycling saves on carbon emissions and saves our landfill space El Paso C&D Recycling is commited to obtaining the lowest price possible for our customers to recycle with us.  Our state of the art facility can handle a miriad of waste products. LEED || El Paso C&D Recycling is your one stop shop to get LEED points on your current project.  We give our customers reports on the amount of recyclable materials for easy reporting Products || El Paso C&D recycling introduces recycled products to the market including mulch, screened gypsum, and other sustainable materials
Hauling & Containers || El Paso C&D Recycling offers dumpster services for LEED projects as well as other construction or demolition uses. Credit Application || Apply for a credit line with us so that you billing process runs smoothly Click Here to download our credit application Frequently Asked Questions -- El Paso C&D Recycling Click here to view our FAQ's Fort Bliss - El Paso C&D Recycling can handle your project at fort bliss.  We have worked on several projects with several contractors on base
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El Paso Construction and Demolition Recycling is your solution for disposal of construction and demolition waste materials. Our convenient location has little to no wait time, low tipping fees, and is eco-friendly. The location will save miles off your trip to the city landfill, and will provide services that assist with LEED certification.

We accept the following materials:

Concrete (15"-)
Asphault Shingles (starting August)

Open Monday - Friday 7:00am - 5:00pm
Open Saturday - 7:00am - 12:00pm

No Contaminated or potentially contaminated materials will be accepted.

El Paso C&D Recycling - construction and demolition recycling services-  LEED recycling services

Easy drive from Fort Bliss watch our location movie

Our state of the art facility here at El Paso C&D Recycling will accept your debris quickly so you can be in out and on your way back to your construction site.

The Recycling Line El Paso C&D Recycling

The El Paso C&D Recycling facility sorts and recycles the materials so they may be used again in other building products.



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