Become An Environmental Partner

When you become an environmental partner, you have a hand in the good work El Paso Recycling is doing in our region!

Between 80 to 85 percent of construction site waste in El Paso goes straight to the landfill. What if we could repurpose all these materials and give them new life? At El Paso Recycling, we can, and we do!

El Paso Recycling partners with contractors in West Texas and Southern New Mexico to recycle construction site waste and re-use it for a variety of products, such as IPEMA certified playground mulch, soil amendments and dust control shingle.

Rather than dumping your site waste at the landfill, let El Paso Recycling repurpose your site’s waste into useful products, giving them a second, third, fourth and maybe even a fifth life! We use this waste to create these products and amplify the contribution of our environmental partners and their commitment to a greener El Paso region.

Instead of hauling your waste to the landfill, send it to El Paso Recycling and make a difference with your waste! For more information on becoming an environmental partner today, email or call (915) 859-2890, Ext. 3.